Mental Health & Disability

There are a variety of services The Child and Family Law Center can offer families whose members suffer from mental illness or other disabilities, including:

Mental Health Declaration:

Persons managing their mental health issues with medication can sometimes go off medication and act in a way that puts themselves or others at risk. While lucid, a person suffering from mental health issues can put a mental health declaration in place that dictates what their treatment should be if they ever find themselves unable to make rational decisions regarding their care.


Often times, family members with severe disabilities need someone to look out for their best interests, and guardianship can be the only viable option. A guardian is a person appointed by the court to manage the affairs of the disabled person. You can be appointed guardian of the person, of the estate (if there are assets), or both.

Mitigation Services:

When a mentally ill family member faces incarceration for a crime they have committed, the anxiety faced can be debilitating. We interact with a wide range of expert witnesses who can provide materials for sentencing mitigation where appropriate.

Substance Abuse:

Mental health issues and substance abuse problems often go hand in hand.  The legal problems faced by people with substance abuse problems can be substantial, not only for the addict, but for the families of addicts as well.  Our office has significant experience in dealing with the legal problems faced by those with substance abuse issues.

Power of Attorney for Health Care/Living Will:

Forms such as the power of attorney for health care and living wills can dictate what kind of medical services can be offered when a person is too disabled to communicate their wishes to hospital staff. The forms also allow for the appointment of a representative to make health care decisions for the disabled person.

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